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Interior Design

Interior Design and Furnishings

Choose the experienced and professional design team at NH Med Services for all of your senior living interior design needs! Take a look below to learn more about us and why we're the right choice when it comes to your home.


Why is NH Med Services the Solution to Your Interior Design Needs?

In addition to our years of experience in designing safer and more comfortable homes for seniors:

  • We are proud to stand by our work. Our designers' focus on patient comfort combined with the latest in facility design allows us to bring you a superior product.
  • The best products come from home, so we source our upholstery and furniture locally here in North Carolina. We also offer a variety of American made products to not only bring you the best quality but also support our local economies.
  • Our team is available to do any job, big or small, with the unmatched customer service and reliability that NH Med Services always brings to the table.

Who We Are

While NH Med Services may specialize in medical services and senior living, our design team has no boundaries. Check out our portfolio below for previous projects and examples of our work.

Our state has a strong tradition of style and quality workmanship. Having grown up in Denton, North Carolina, we view our state's history in textiles, furniture and interior design as the benchmark of excellence. With a strong customer service team, no task is too big or small. We hope to hear from you soon!

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Our Portfolio

Image of interior of Grace Village Assisted Living

Grace Village Assisted Living

Grace Village Assisted Living bar area interior

Grace Village Assisted Living seating area

Grace Village Assisted Living seating area with couch

Grace Village Assisted Living tables and chairs living area



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